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  Spinning Products - Rotating Products

Spinning Products for realistic 360 degree views Spin Object, the namesake of our web page. Always wanting to put a new Spin on our web pages, we wanted a way to give a better feel of a product instead of a static image.

Maybe you've seen 360 degree views of spinning products on a web site. It is a very impressive way to really let the consumer view your products. There is something about rotating products that gives the mind a much better view of the product than even the same number of static pictures would. Just take a look at an example here. To the right, we have a static picture of a Swarovski Crystal. Click on it to see how much more impressive a 360 spinning product view of that product is.

While some web pages do this effect with a flash script, the endless waiting for bad quality images to load has the user unimpressed. But with our technology, they instantly get a crisp, high quality image, and can start rotating products with their mouse, or click to start an auto-spin.

But the Power of Rotating Objects Does Not Stop There!

Perhaps you have an object that cannot really explain its functionality in a static shot.

Rotate Product Images with animation
And features of the spinning product can be highlighted with auto zooming.

Rotating Products for Sale

Even products that don't need to be sexy can benefit. Many times it helps a consumer to see a small part in 360 degree spinning product rotation to determine if it fits their needs. It is also a great tool for product support. Imagine the ability to have a customer on the phone, and you can pop up a rotating product and tell them to rotate it to the left, and "See that threaded part? Take the hose we sent and..."
spin a product

Use Text Links for SpinObjects

This is also an interesting example because a customer wanted to show the two newest colors of the Oceanic Geo; Blue and Lime. By using a bit of photoshop, we accomplished both a 360 degree spinning product and a color morph all in one. And here we are showing another way to present the SpinObject, by using a slick expanding window, and you can run it off a graphic, thumbnail, or a text link.

Check out the new Oceanic Geo in New Colors!

Maybe you have a need to show your product being used or worn by a person. With our facility, we have the ability to shoot full length shots of models with your products. This is ideal for clothing, accessories, etc. Here is an example of a fully dressed paintball player we shot for one of our clients.

This can be a less expensive solution than a Virtual Spokesmodel, and nearly as effective for simply showing a product.
Spin or Rotate a Person


Pricing can vary depending on the size and shape of the Spinning product. Standard pricing is $99.00 per spinning product, but odd shapes that require custom displays or larger, heavier products can drive up the price. Also there can be additional charges for special effects like the zooming and animations as shown in some of the examples above. There is a 10% discount for 10 or more spinning products, and a 20% discount for 20 or more products.

If your spinning product will require the use of a model, we have both male and female models available and single product modeling fees are normally $50.00.

The best thing to do is email us at info@spinobject.com, and include a stock photo of the product and the size and weight, and we can determine what the final price will be. Also, shipping to and from Lewisville, TX will be added to the pricing unless you have the ability to drop off the product to us.

Spinning Products are normally converted the same day they arrive, and shipped back the very next day. All files are hosted on our secure servers and all you have to add to your site is a simple link. We will also optimize the spin object pages for the search engines and can add links to your pages that will also drive traffic back to you. And as you can see from the examples above, you can add your web site, phrases, or any other wording in a watermark in your choice of color and orientation to all the images in the final product output.